Efficacy of minimal invasive therapy of the prostate cancer is the same one of radical prostatectomy

In our clinic, we use low-dose rate brachytherapy (permanent prostate brachytherapy). Radiation seeds, about the size of grains of rice, are placed inside prostate. Neutron radiation destroys the DNA of cancer cells, destroys their ability to divide and grow.

Non-malignant surrounding tissues are received a lower dose of radiation and easily restored. The seats activity decreases over the time and drops to zero at 8-10 months. Inactive sources remain in the body and don`t affect the human condition.

Unlike traditional radiation therapy, brachytherapy destroys prostate cancer without harming the surrounding tissues

Benefits of brachytherapy:

  • Don`t harm the tissues surrounding the prostate.
  • Hospitalization takes two days instead of seven weeks due to external radiation therapy.
  • You can return to your normal activities a few days after treatment.
  • The blood vessels and nerves that control erection are not damaged, so there is a low possibility of erectile dysfunction.
  • In case of recurrence, second tumor, further treatment is possible. As a rule it will be the method of hormonal therapy or cryoablation.

Brachytherapy is recommended for patients interested in preserving sexual function

It is performed for any age men with localized intermediate- and low–risk prostate cancer (PSA level ≤ 20 ng/ml, Gleason score ≤ 7).

There are several criteria for the selection of patients:

  1. Prostate size up to 60 cc. If the prostate size is larger, hormonal therapy can be performed to reduce the organ size for 3 months.
  2. The tumor has not spread outside the prostate (Т1-Т2 stage).
  3. Until urination difficulty did not reach unacceptable level (peak urinary flow rate not less, then Q max <10 ml/s)

If transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) was performed before brachytherapy, it is necessary to wait for the wound to heal. Healing usually occurs after six months.

Brachytherapy – procedure steps

Implantation takes around two to three hours. Radioactive I125 capsules are brought into the perineal zone between the scrotum and anus with special needles and US-guided. Usually 50-60 radioactive capsules are required. The software calculates its optimal number and location.

At the beginning of the operation, a urethral catheter is inserted into the bladder through the urethra, and urine is drained through it during and after the operation. The catheter also provides an acoustic shadow, so the doctor sees the urethra well, where it is not necessary to implant sources.

Cost of brachytherapy

We carry out brachytherapy for Russian citizens free due to high-tech assistance channel. Our doctors will help you fill out the necessary documents.

The cost of brachytherapy of prostate cancer for non-Russian citizens through paid medical services is around 550 thousands rubles. It is less than in other foreign or domestic urological departments.

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