As a rule, the cause of the symptom is inflammation of the urinary tract in woman or the urinary system in man. Unpleasant sensations may manifest as burning or itching.

In women, painful urination most often occurs against the background of an inflammatory process in the bladder - cystitis. If a symptom occurs, it is recommended to pass an urinalysis, pass an ultrasound examination of the bladder, and consult with an urologist. In case of untimely or incorrect treatment of this disease, there is a high probability of the inflammatory process spreading to the kidney and, as a result, the extension of acute pyelonephritis.

In men, painful urination occurs against the background of inflammation of the urethra or prostate. It is necessary to pass a smear from the urethra, the secret of the prostate, pass an ultrasound of the prostate and consult with a doctor.

Delayed treatment of the inflammatory process of the prostate and urethra increases the risk of sclerotic narrowing of the urethra and bladder neck. The disease manifests difficulties with urination and requires surgical intervention.

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