Bladder neck sclerosis is a narrowing of the clearance of the bladder neck, the anatomical zone bordering the urethra.

This disease does not occur in women, and in men it develops as a result of a long-lasting inflammation of the prostate. The inflammatory process moves to the bladder and causes a narrowing of the clearance of the bladder neck, which makes it difficult to urinate.

Symptoms of bladder neck sclerosis.

- Difficult urination up to full urinary delay

Diagnostics of bladder neck sclerosis.

It include X-ray examination (ascending urethrography). The radiopaque substance is injected into the urethra, and its path to the bladder is monitored by X-ray. Obstacles in the path of the colored liquid become visible, which makes it possible to determine the zone of constriction and the degree of its manifestation.

In addition, ultrasound and PSA blood tests are also performed for excluding  benign prostatic hyperplasiabe and prostate cancer, respectively.

Treatment of bladder neck sclerosis

Treatment of bladder neck sclerosis always requires surgery.

In the Department of Urology at Sechenov University, transurethral electrical resection is used as a main  surgery for sclerosis of the bladder neck. The inflammatory tissue preventing urination is cut off by the C-shaped electric loop, which allows to eliminate the narrowing and restore the normal flow of urine.

The operation is performed without incisions with an endoscopic instrument, which is inserted through the urethra. Procedures are performed under spinal anesthesia. It allows to remove the sensitivity below the navel for 4-6 hours, it is absolutely painless for the patient. Hospital stay after surgery does not take more than 2-3 days.

Currently, our clinic conducts research and introduces a new technology of postoperative injection of the mitomycin C preparation into the area of ​​the bladder neck. Injections are carried out using special needles under endoscopic control. The technology allows to avoid the recurrence of the disease, the frequency of which today reaches 15%.

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