The omission of the uterus (uterine prolapse) is accompanied with a sensation of a foreign body in the vagina, aching pains or a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse.

Almost always, it is symptoms of omission of the uterus (the prolapse of the pelvic organs). The omission of the bladder and the walls of the vagina in addition to uterine prolapse is common manifestation of this disease.

The disease occurs with weakness of the ligamentous apparatus and muscular-fascial structures, which support the pelvic organs. The main reasons are genetic predisposition, collagen shortage of the first type, traumatic childbirth, menopause and (or) sexual hormonal deficiency of other origin.

The prolapse of the uterus (metroptosis) and bladder has four degrees. In the third stage, the organs go beyond the genital slit, the fourth is called prolapsed. Omission of the third and fourth degree is treated exclusively with surgery.

To restore the normal anatomy of the uterus, bladder and vagina in modern medicine doctors use synthetic implants in the form of a grid, which holds the pelvic organs in a natural position. Own tissues are not very effective due to frequent relapses.

In technologically advanced medical centers, two methods are used for the treatment of pelvic organ omission. OPUR is a method that urologist use vaginal approach. The second one is a robotic sacrocolpopexy, implant installs from the abdomen. Both methods are effective, the functional result is close to one hundred percent.

However, OPUR can be performed free due to high-tech assistance channel, sacrocolpopexy - only through the paid medical services.

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