Frequent urination, in the majority of cases, occurs against the background of inflammatory or neoplastic processes in the urogenital system. In case of women, this dysfunction is usually associated with inflammation or the bladder tumor. In men it is usually a consequence of prostatitis,  benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate cancer.

The root cause of the symptom may be urolithiasis. A stone in the lower third of the ureter is able to stimulate the inflammatory process in the prostate in man or in the bladder in case of woman.

These organs squeeze the urethra and cause frequent urination, as a result it’s increasing or swelling. The compression of the urethra in case of women can also cause a uterine prolapse or polyp of the urethra.

Rising for urination more than once per night is an alarming sign, with the appearance of which it is necessary to consult an urologist. Usually, in urological diseases, urination occurs in small portions (30-100 ml). Frequent urination in large portions (200-250ml) is characteristic of diabetes and renal or heart failure.

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