Scrotal swelling is an obvious symptom of genitourinary system problems at any age.

The most common cause of an increase in the scrotum is varicose veins (varicocele) and edema of the testicular membranes (hydrocele). These diseases can occur due to congenital features or inflammatory processes that lead to swelling of the venous system or the accumulation of serous fluid.

Symptom can also occur due to the inflammation of the testicle or its appendage in the background of hypothermia or infection.

Another reason for this increase can be testicular torsion and, therefore, impaired blood circulation in the scrotum. Pathology, embedded in embryonicdevelopment, can occur at any age.

These diseases do not pose a danger to life and are easily treatable.

The most dangerous disease associated with swelling of the testicle is cancer. However, with early treatment, testicular cancer is also not a fatal disease. Even if one testicle is removed, the erectile and genital functions of the man is preserved.

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