Most men experience erectile dysfunction. However, even when men face with serious disorders, not all of them seek for medical advice. Meanwhile, erectile dysfunction can be an independent disease or it can be a consequence of other andrological diseases.

Usually decrease in potency are associated with vascular causes, hormonal disorders, neurogenic and psychogenic factors, less often with inflammatory diseases of internal genital organs.

It must be remembered, that the disappearance of a symptom does not mean the elimination of the problem itself. Timely treatment helps to restore normal sexual activity.

The Department of Urology at Sechenov University has its own laboratories and the necessary equipment to determine the cause of erectile dysfunction. The patient has the opportunity to undergo tests, such as: a hormonal blood test, infection test, test of prostate secretion, sperm test, ultrasound examination of the urinary system with the high class equipment (TRUS, doppler ultrasound of the prostate and vessels of the penis, pharmaco penile duplex ultrasonography).

The treatment is prescribed by the doctor according to the results of the examination. It depends on the reason, which caused the deterioration of potency.

In case of arterial vascular disorders of erection, therapy with tablet drugs is carried out in combination with physiotherapy to improve the blood supply of the pelvic organs and the penis.

In the case of venous erectile dysfunction, due to excessive outflow of blood from the cavernous bodies of the body, in our clinic, operations are performed. Our doctors bandage or remove the deep dorsal vein of the penis under the control of an operating microscope.

If patient has an endocrine disorders, the hormone replacement therapy is used. The level of testosterone may be normalized by stimulation of its production by the testes or by administering a hormone using percutaneous gel or injection forms.

When patient has neurogenic disorders of erection, doctor prescribes treatment, which activates the nervous supply of the penis. Psychogenic forms of erectile dysfunction are corrected by the psychotherapist.

In case of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the organs of the genitourinary system, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory therapy is carried out.

If patient has an irreversible erectile dysfunction, which is not amenable to medical correction, penile implants are used. For penile implants in the Department of Urology at Sechenov University, innovative methods of minimally invasive implantation are used. The penile prosthesis is installed through small incisions in the scrotum or in the pubic zone. Modern implants from leading foreign manufacturers with a lifetime warranty are used.

Modern treatment options allow most people to restore their sexual function. The main condition for successful treatment of erectile dysfunction is timely visit to a doctor.

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