Cryoablation may offer excellent oncological results combined with minimal morbidity

Cryotherapy is recommended for patients with serious concomitant diseases (heart, neurological) in case of intermediate- and low–risk prostate cancer. Also, it is recommended in the case of recurrence after removal of the tumor in another way.

The risk of urinary incontinence is six fold less after cryoablation then prostatectomy.

Efficacy of cryoablation of low–risk prostate cancer is 90%, intermediate-risk – 75%, high-risk – 60%.

• large prostate size (>50 cc);
• difficult urination (peak urinary flow rate - Q max <10 ml/s);
• tumor spreaded to the pelvic lymph nodes;
• history for rectal surgery;
• colorectal cancer.

Cryotherapy of the prostate may led to erectile dysfunction that is why this surgical intervention is not recommended for men, who interested in maintaining erectile function.

During cryoablation tumor exposed extreme cold, which led to formation ice-ball and ablation of tumor cells

Firstly tissue undergoes by extreme low temperature (up to -40-60 °C) performed with argon, and then thawing with helium. As a result of temperature changes the rupture of the membranes of tumor cells occurs. Cryoablation is performed using hollow needles (cryoprobes) (like knitting needle) through which gas is circulated. Ice-ball forms without damage surrounding organs with ultrasound-guided.

During the hour and a half operation, freezing is performed twice. At the end of procedure a urethral catheter is inserted, it would be removed on day 5. The next day after the recovery of urination, the patient is discharged home without any restrictions in physical activity.

Cost of cryoablation in Moscow – free due to federal quota

Usually, there are no problem with obtaining quotas. Our doctors will help you fill out the necessary documents. The cost of cryoablation of prostate cancer through paid medical services, including for non-Russian citizens, will be around 400 thousands rubles.

Cryoablation is possible in only two medical Russian departments

In our clinic cryotherapy is performed by Dmitry Enikeev, MD. He completed an internship at the Barzilai clinic (Israel) under the guidance of one of the founders of the method, Professor Shmuel Citron.

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