Oleogranuloma of the penis is the penile skin seal due to the subcutaneous injection of vaseline or other oily substance.

Usually, vaseline injections are performed by men themselves to thicken the penis. After the first few days penis may look normal. However then in the subcutaneous organ starts an inflammatory process, which leads to skin tightening, ulcers and erectile dysfunction.

Diagnostic of oleogranuloma

For the diagnostic of oleogranulema an examination and ultrasound of the organ are performed.

Treatment of penile oleogranuloma

Oleogranuloma treatment is performed only with surgery. Two-step Reich plastic surgery is usually used.

At the first step, the skin of the penis is completely excised, then the organ is placed under the skin of the scrotum.

After 3-4 months, the second step is carried out: skin of the scrotum is cut out, with which the plastic of the penis is performed.

In some cases, when skin tightening is limited to a small area closer to the glance of the penis, circumcision of the foreskin is sufficient.

In the Department of Urology at Sechenov University the surgical experience of the doctors allows to remove oleogranuloma under local anesthesia, which significantly reduces the risk during surgery.

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