Priapism is usually painful and abnormal prolonged erection, which is continuing over 6 hours.

As a rule, it is the result of of vasodilator overdose prescribed for the mild forms of erectile dysfunction (impotence) treatment.

Also, prolonged erection can appear due to injury of perineum or some blood diseases like sickle cell anemia or thalassemia.

Priapism is identified rarely, however it leads to the serious consequences without the timely treatment. The disease causes blood stagnation and hypoxia of cavernous tissues that become the reason of its necrosis and loss of the sexual function in men.

Diagnostics of prolonged erection (priapism)

It is performed with dopplerography – the special ultrasound examination, which makes possibly to evaluate blood flow in the penis. Also it is performed with puncture of cavernous tissues of penis for the identification  gas supplied blood (oxygen and carbon dioxide).

Treatment of prolonged erection (priapism)

Treatment of prolonged erection is started with injections of vasoconstrictors into the penile  cavernous tissues.

In the absence of the result, blood is sucked off from the organ and it washes with the heparinized solution. It can help to eliminate clots, which provokes priapism.

In the most difficult cases, when persistent and not treatable priapism has arisen, bypass should be performed. It establishes connection between the cavernous tissues and the glance of the penis and also restores blood outflow from the penile cavernous tissues.

In the Department of Urology at Sechenov University, unique technique is carried out: the deep dorsal vein of penis is used as shunt. It helps to preserve patient sexual function fully.

Attention! It`s really important to consult a doctor in case of priapism. Because of absence of blood circulation and prolonged hypoxia, penile cavernous tissues may die. It isnecessary to make reduction for the first 24 hours, otherwise patient chances for return of sexual function decreases by 10%. 

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