Pain in the scrotum is an obvious symptom of problems in the urogenital system at any age, in the event of which it is necessary to consult an urologist for an ultrasound.

A visual inspection in conjunction with an ultrasound provides complete information about a possible pathological process.

The most dangerous disease that can manifest as pain in the scrotum is testicular cancer. However, it is treatable with early detection of tumor.

Due to congenital features, the cause of pain can be testicular torsion or varicose veins (varicocele). In the case of varicocele, the accompanying symptoms are an increase in the scrotum and the occurrence of a soft tissue mass at the upper pole of the testicle, usually on the left side.

Edema of the testes (hydrocele) is also accompanied with a pain. This disease is characterized with the accumulation of serous fluid between the membranes of the organ, which with increasing volume squeezes the testicle, causing pain.

Inflammation of the testicle and / or its appendage (orchiepididymitis) is manifested with fever and pain in the corresponding half of the scrotum. Late or improper treatment of the disease leads to the formation of an abscess, which already requires surgery and removal of the testicle.

Often the cause of pain and discomfort in the scrotum may be an inflammatory process in the prostate gland (prostatitis), in which the pain irradiates the scrotum area through the nerve endings. In this case, you should pass an ultrasound and the analysis of prostate secretion.

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