The status of the leading medical institution of urology is determined with the high demands on the staff of the Department of Urology at Sechenov University. From generation to generation, the best doctors worked here, whose names are the pride of the national school of urology.

Surgeons combine medical practice with research work and teaching activities in the Department of Urology at Sechenov University. Publications in the domestic and foreign medical papers, the defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations are necessary components of the work at the university clinic.

The head of the clinic, Professor Y.G. Alyaev, is also the head of the Russian Society of Urology that contributes to an intensive exchange of experience with foreign colleagues.

The clinic staff regularly undergoes abroad internship, participate in conferences of the European and American Association of Urology, master classes with the invitation of leading experts in various specializations. For example, a master class in laser enucleation of the prostate was held by the leading surgeon of the University Hospital of Hamburg (Germany), Sasha Akhay.

Lectures on buccal urethroplasty and reconstructive surgery of the urethra (performed during narrowing of the urethra) were read by Professor Guido Barbali, one of the founders of tissue engineering in urology.

In the clinic new methods of treatment and diagnostics are constantly being developed, new technologies are being introduced. Each operation is recorded on video and publicly discussed at the morning conference. And before that, the scheme of surgical intervention is analyzed during the professorial consulate, which contributes to the professional improvement of young surgeons.

The best specialists are invited to work in the clinic. Its status as the country leading medical institution of urology determines special requirements for all staff. High professionalism and caring attitude to patients are the main principle, which traditionally follows the staff of the clinic.

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