During life, each person experiences with pain in the lumbar region. However periodically recurring pain, especially on the one side, can be performed as a symptom of serious diseases, including kidney disease.

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The admixture of blood in the urine (hematuria) is a dangerous symptom required visit to an urologist immediately.

In particular, hematuria is one of the first manifestations of the tumor process in the urogenital system. Its dangerous feature is the rapid extension and metastasis to the surrounding organs and tissues.

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Scrotal swelling is an obvious symptom of genitourinary system problems at any age.

The most common cause of an increase in the scrotum is varicose veins (varicocele) and edema of the testicular membranes (hydrocele). These diseases can occur due to congenital features or inflammatory processes that lead to swelling of the venous system or the accumulation of serous fluid.

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As a rule, the cause of the symptom is inflammation of the urinary tract in woman or the urinary system in man. Unpleasant sensations may manifest as burning or itching.

In women, painful urination most often occurs against the background of an inflammatory process in the bladder - cystitis. If a symptom occurs, it is recommended to pass an urinalysis, pass an ultrasound examination of the bladder, and consult with an urologist. In case of untimely or incorrect treatment of this disease, there is a high probability of the inflammatory process spreading to the kidney and, as a result, the extension of acute pyelonephritis.

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Pain in the scrotum is an obvious symptom of problems in the urogenital system at any age, in the event of which it is necessary to consult an urologist for an ultrasound.

A visual inspection in conjunction with an ultrasound provides complete information about a possible pathological process.

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Frequent urination, in the majority of cases, occurs against the background of inflammatory or neoplastic processes in the urogenital system. In case of women, this dysfunction is usually associated with inflammation or the bladder tumor. In men it is usually a consequence of prostatitis,  benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate cancer.

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Normal urination should be carried out freely, without pain and difficulty.

The inability to the natural full evacuation of the bladder`s contents is manifested with a corresponding sensation and a weak urine stream.

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Most men experience erectile dysfunction. However, even when men face with serious disorders, not all of them seek for medical advice. Meanwhile, erectile dysfunction can be an independent disease or it can be a consequence of other andrological diseases.

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