During life, each person experiences with pain in the lumbar region. However periodically recurring pain, especially on the one side, can be performed as a symptom of serious diseases, including kidney disease.


Accurate localization is characteristic of renal pain. The pain is felt right or left, it does not occur in the middle or extremely rarely from both sides at once. Pain does not increase with changing position of the body, that is typical for neurological problems. Acute inflammatory process  in the kidney is always accompanied with fever.

Pain in the lumbar region due to urological problems can have different intensity, frequency of occurrence, it can pass or cannot after taking painkillers.

Most often, acute pain in the lumbar region is caused by obstruction of the ureter (blockage and violation of urine outflow from the kidney). Dull pain is caused by sluggish pathological processes such as: stone, tumor or cyst.

Sometimes renal colic (one of the most intense pain in the body) occurs due to urolithiasis.. It occurs suddenly or can be triggered with various influences (taking diuretic drugs or traveling on transport). The stone moves from the kidney to the ureter and blocks the flow of urine.

There are other causes of renal colic. The blockage of the ureter may occur because of a blood clot, compression of the organ during the tumor process, an increase in the fetus during pregnancy, etc.

If patient has a pain in the lumbar region, first of all, it is necessary  to save the patient from the pain. For this, painkillers and antispasmodic drugs are used. After that, examinations for the diagnosis of the disease are conducted: ultrasound of the urinary system, blood and urine tests. If it is necessary, MSCT (multispiral computed tomography with contrast) or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) are also performed.

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