Nano-Knife is a unique treatment method for prostate cancer with Irreversible Electroporation. It allows you to treat prostate cancer effectively in the early stages of the disease in one day with minimal risk of complications.

In most cases, it is possible to preserve the erectile function. Other types of operations affect the erectile function even with nerve- and vessel-saving surgery.

The method allows to treat patients who are denied surgery due to the proximity of the tumor to important anatomical structures. When a tumor is located in difficult accessible and problematic places: pancreas and prostate gland, liver, abdomen, kidneys.

It is used to treat primary and secondary tumors, recurrences.

Only a limited number of medical centers, which are actively introducing new technologies in the medicine, have the opportunity to perform an operation using this tool. Department of Urology at Sechenov University is the only one clinic, which has this opportunity in our country.

«Irreversible Electroporation is a new impressive method of treatment. The tumor is destroyed at the cellular level, the technique is safe for vessels, nerves and other large anatomical structures. By offering the Nano-Knife, we offer our patients the highest class technology with safety and efficacy, which are unattainable by other methods of treatment», - Dmitry Enikeev, MD.

Principle of action of Nano-Knife

The several needles are positioned around the tumor, high-voltage impulses are emitted through this one. Before a surgery, the doctor calculates the exact number of electrodes needed according to the size and characteristics of the tissue. Strong electric fields cause cells death and cell membranes destruction, after that it is absorbed by the body’s immune system.

The operation lasts about one and a half hours with general endotracheal anesthesia. Upon completion, a bandage is applied to the wound (in the perineal zone), a catheter is inserted into the bladder. Urination is restored on day 5, the catheter is removed and the patient is discharged home. The effectiveness of treatment is evaluated after 3 months with the serum PSA level.

Benefits of Nano-Knife

Unlike other minimally invasive techniques, such as radiofrequency ablation, cryoablation, microwave ablation and HIFU, irreversible electroporation does not generate heat. There are no side effects associated with changes in tissue temperature.

In the case of localized prostate cancer (not going beyond the prostate), irreversible electroporation may be an alternative to surgical (radical prostatectomy) or radiation therapy, which can led to erection dysfunction, incontinence, inflammation of the rectum.

Other advantages of the technique are:

  • minimal invasiveness (several needles need puncture for the operation);
  • lack of heat exposure;
  • short hospital stay;
  • short recovery time;
  • operation is painless in comparison with other methods of ablation.

Safety of Nano-Knife

Nano-Knife is considered the safest method of treating prostate cancer: an electrical impulse effectively destroys tumor tissues without harming the surrounding tissues. The technology has passed the safety certification of the European Union and the American FDA.

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