Maximum effect to the stress urinary incontinence in women

Sling surgery helps to eliminate involuntary urine leakage using a special synthetic loop (sling), which is held under the urethra, and supports the urethra on the principle of a hammock. The loop helps the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis to hold the urethra at the time of tension, for example, during coughing or laughing.

The difference of TVT-O and TVT is in the method of laying the loop. In the first one, a more obtuse angle of the loop reduces the risk of excessive compression of the urethra.

The tactics of treatment of stress urinary incontinence is selected strictly individually in the Department of Urology at Sechenov University. It is based on a comprehensive urogynecological examination with the participation of relevant specialists of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Sechenov University. In particular, the state of the genital organs and the rectum is examined, because of incontinence is often accompanied with prolapse.

The operation takes about 40 minutes. It is performed through 5 mm incisions in the groin area. The effectiveness of the urethra fixation is evaluated immediately after the installation of the loop. The doctor fills the patient's bladder with saline, and asks her to cough. With proper styling of the sling, no urine leaks occur.

If correction of the vaginal walls or other intervention is necessary, a complex operation is performed. At the same time, the normal topography of all pelvic organs is restored.

The sling operation is completed by installing a catheter through which urine is expelled. A gauze pad may be placed in the vagina to prevent possible minor bleeding. The catheter and pad are removed at the next day after surgery.

The advantages of sling surgery are minimal invasiveness and the absence of postoperative pain. The patient returns home at the next day.

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