MD, PhD, professor, Board Certified (Highest Category in Urology), Head of the Second Urology Department, Clinic of Urology, Sechenov University

Prof. Enikeev graduated from the Sechenov University in 1996. He finished his internship and residency in the Department of Urology at the Sechenov University. He received his training under the tutelage of renowned Soviet and Russian surgeons – Yu. G. Alyaev, a member of the Academy of Sciences, and professor V. A. Grigoryan.

Prof. Enikeev’s academic interests include management of pyeloureteral junction stenosis and hydronephrosis. While working on his thesis, he performed immunomorphological studies of renal parenchyma at different stages of hydronephrosis and developed a new organ-sparing technique for management of advanced hydronephrosis.

He is highly skilled in surgical management of urologic emergencies, all current methods of open and laparoscopic surgery for cancers of the kidney, prostate, and urinary bladder; surgical and non-surgical management of various types of urinary incontinence; endoscopic surgery in cases of large and huge prostate glands.

Prof. Enikeev is one of the leading experts on reconstructive surgery of the upper urinary tract.

He collaborated with the Petrovsky Russian Research Center of Surgery to develop preoperative management algorithms for patients planning to undergo kidney transplantation.

Prof. Enikeev and a team of leading university gynecologists are introducing novel techniques of pelvic organ prolapse repair in women.

He is a member of the Moscow Urological Society, Russian Urological Society, and European Association of Urology.

Awards and achievements

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