The participants of the International Conference on Laser Optics in Saint-Petersburg were shown the results of medical research using the newest Russian laser system developed in collaboration with the Sechenov University. 


Mark Taratkin, a researcher of the RI for Uronephrology, reported on the effects of laser wavelength on interaction with liquids as well as various organs and tissues in gas media and air. He also discussed the effects of laser energy on the human body and which wavelength provides the best result.

This research is the brainchild and part of a greater collaboration effort by medical professionals and engineers that has brought about a novel class of Russian thulium lasers. Over the last few years, thulium fiber laser has been actively used in clinical practice for benign prostatic hyperplasia surgery. The RI for Uronephrology is currently investigating its potential clinical application for breaking up stones in the urinary tract and treating bladder cancer. Preclinical trials are also under way to search for the optimal laser settings for laparoscopic surgery and focal ablation of prostate cancer.

The Saint-Petersburg conference is one of the largest meeting platforms for specialists in laser technologies in Europe. While it shows all the newest developments in Laser Engineering, Medical Technologies were of particular interest this year. Leading experts from all over the world shared their research results in Ophthalmology, Genetics and Reproductive Health.
The achievements of the RI for Uronephrology caught the interest of foreign colleagues. And it is not the first time to happen recently. Earlier this year, the projects of the Sechenov University were taken notice of by the participants of five international forums: the Russian-Chinese Conference on Urology and the annual meetings of the American Urological Association, European Association of Urology, European Society for Urological Oncology and Chinese Urological Association.

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