Urologist's science will bring you to Vienna

For the first time a Sechenov University researcher has won a scholarship at the European Association of Urology (EUSP, European Urological Scholarship Program).

The grant-winning junior researcher at the Institute for Urology and Reproductive Health, Ekaterina Laukhtina has become the youngest EUSP member since the inception of the program. She now has the resources to conduct research in the translational biomedical laboratory of the Medical University of Vienna for one year.

Ekaterina's project is dedicated to the study of KMT2, a bladder cancer biomarker. The level of this enzyme is elevated in actively growing and changing cells. The study may aid in development of targeted therapy for advanced cancer. Ekaterina is working on the project under the supervision of Professor Sharokh F. Shariat at the Medical University of Vienna, where she has been doing research for the last six months (Research Fellowship) with the support of Sechenov University as part of inter-university cooperation.

“Ekaterina’s example proves the conventional wisdom right: nothing is impossible to a willing heart. She came to the Institute`s scientific department as a 4th-year medical student. Since then she has been working hard on improving herself. As soon as we got the opportunity for research fellowship in Vienna University, there was no doubt that Ekaterina was the best candidate. She will do an excellent job and enhance the academic reputation of the university. During the first 6 months, she produced 18 publications, 8 of which are published in Q1 and Q2 journals. Moreover, Ekaterina got a prestigious grant. She is a true role model for students and postgraduates seeking to pursue international careers,” said Dmitry Enikeev, Deputy Director for Research at the Institute for Urology and Reproductive Health.

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